How to Install Certificates in Vsphere 6.0 / 6.5 appliance

I use this alot as I am always building appliances.  (yes I need to script this at some point)

Install cert on vcenter appliance

#scp a copy of the CER and KEY files to /tmp on the vcenter server

#use this process for scp files to vcenter.
How to allow Shell and SCP access in vCenter 6 Appliance

required files
NEED. hostname.cer
NEED. hostname.key
NEED. Intermediate.cer or root.cer

#ssh to vcenter server
You have to then browse to the shell
Enable BASH access: “shell.set –enabled True”
Launch BASH: “shell”

#launch applicaiton

choose option 1

#provide admin login

choose option 2
Import a custom certificates to replace existing ssl cert.

#enter key path for hostname.cer

#enter key path for your hostname.key

#enter key path for your intermediate/root

#process takes a few minutes to import.

It will then restart the vpxd services which can take up to 15-20 minutes to execute.


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